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Roof Installation Replacement & Gutter Repair | Shingle Roofers

Should I Get a Repair or a Replacement?

There are several factors when determining whether to repair or replace a shingle roof such as:

  1. Your roof is 15 years or older
  2. Your roof is older than 10 years and has 2 layers of shingles
  3. If the area of damage is more than 25% of your whole roof or if there are multiple areas of damage that add up to more than 25% of your whole roof
  4. You are planning on staying in your home long term or plan on selling it
  5. Your insurance company is requiring a full replacement

There are many more factors that determine whether it's a better return on your investment to repair or replace your roof. At times, these are very tedious and tricky to locate, our recommended course of action is to have one of our professional Estimators come out and properly assess your ongoing issues.

Long Lasting Roofing Materials

A roof shingle consists of 3 major components: Asphalt, Granules and Fiber Glass. These are commonly known as Architectural Shingles. We offer 3 different types of Architectural Shingles: Owens Corning , Certainteed and GAF - which all have different performances but similar properties to fit each homeowner's specific needs.

We take pride in being a OC Platinum Preferred Contractor and Certainteed Shingle Master Applicator, so you can be rest assured that no matter what shingle you decide on, it will be installed at the highest standard.


Architectural shingles are the most commonly used materials for 2024. Shingles come in a variety of colors/styles, giving you many options to choose from to compliment your home's appearance. Our seasoned team members are here to assist you in choosing the right products for your needs. No matter the size of the job, we have competitive prices and quality workmanship to ensure your satisfaction!


Our metal roofs can provide the design and flexibility you need in a product that is beautiful, modern and durable for years to come. We specialize in both Standing Seam and Exposed Fastener Roof installations. We use a high grade steel mill product with your choice of either a 26 gauge or a 24 gauge thickness - which is considered commercial grade. Our Standing Seam roofs are fabricated in house!

Give us a call today and see if a metal roof is right for you!


Our gutters are seamless and fabricated in house. With a variety of colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find gutters that will complement your home's exterior.

We are offering 10% off new 5”/6” gutters with every Salinas roof installation! Mention this post to take advantage of this deal during your Proposal Stage or up to 10 days after your roof completion date!


Shingle roof repairs are necessary for maintaining the longevity of your roof. Whether your roof was recently installed, your repairs are mere annoyances or if they are causing structural problems - we recommend you address them immediately.

We have a proven track record with locating, repairing and preventing water intrusion.

Give us a call and see how we can help you with your repair needs today

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I want a new roof! What's next?

Step 1: Set Up An Appointment / Inspection

The first step to getting a new roof is to set up a 45 minute appointment with us! Once the appointment is set, our Estimator will come out and assess the scope of work. At this time, we will also discuss details and address any concerns or questions you may have regarding your potential project.

Our Estimator will provide you with a comprehensive estimate that has a full written scope of work.

*Please be sure to read through our proposals thoroughly before signing to ensure all items are addressed as needed.

Step 2: Prep

Once your proposals are accepted and all remaining questions have been answered, we will finalize colors and any remaining details. Once we have everything set, we order your materials with our suppliers and prepare to get your project set and scheduled!

*it takes us roughly 1-2 weeks for us to get materials ordered for our projects

Step 3: Install Day

Your project start date is here! Your materials have been dropped off and dumpsters should be ready to go. Our installation crews start bright and early and work until late to ensure our time is as efficient as possible.

As we remove the old roof, we make sure our process is as clean as possible. Once the deck is cleared off, we begin the installation process.

Step 4: Final Inspection

Now that your new roof is on, inspection by the city/county’s zoning department and by Project Managers will be scheduled. At that time, All leftover materials will be picked up and we’ll address any questions or concerns you have.

*you may notice material that was not used for your project however, we order all of our materials to account for material excess and waste. Rest assured, you are only invoiced for materials used for your project!

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